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Women & Kids Accessories A collection of upbeat indo-western and unique ethnic earrings designed for the modern Indian woman Each piece is hand-painted / hand-embroidered, ornately decorated with a unique concept story of its own. Inspired by the gorgeous plethora of various art forms & techniques existing throughout our country. Glam your day with the trendiest women's fashion and kids fun accessories.Fashion is not just about clothing - it includes accessories, too! And, we all know the accessories can make or break the look. Accessorizing can be a bit difficult - There are diverse types of clothes, many different women's accessories for the different body parts, and a multitude of colors. It is hard to find the right accessories that add to the look but does not overshadow it. When you start adding women's accessories like jewelry, accessories, sunglasses, scarves for women, belts, handbags for women, designer masks to match your dress, and footwear to the equation, your ensemble immediately becomes even more noteworthy. Accessorizing is not rocket science, but we will surely make it easy to find accessories that enhance and complete your look.