• Blackberrys

    Shop No. 8, Ground Floor, DLF City Centre Mall, IT Park, Chandigarh

About Blackberrys

As you sprint towards your ambitions, with strength and determination, we will keep you clothed in confidence always, with products that fit well and look great. And you? You will fo forth and keep forging your own story. OUR PHILOSOPHY We continuously anticipate the fashion of the future and innovate through design and details. That's why we craft apparel and products that cloak you in confidence and inspire you to keep winning. We go the extra mile in all we do, from our internal culture to external engagement and everything in between. We think big, dream big and work hard, to turn today's ambitions into tomorrow's reality. OUR JOURNEY Our claim is simply defined we are not satisfied with the best. We do not go with the trends. we create it.